Supervised Visitation Training

Professional and Non-Professional child visitation monitors are used to assist the courts with supervised visitation orders.  Professional supervised visitation provider (PSVP) reduce the stress on the child(ren) and provide a stable and safe environment for visitation.  The main purpose of a PSVP is to ensure the safety of all parties, protect the rights of children and provide the non-custodial parent access to the child(ren).  We have designed this training around the supervised visitation standards.  Once you have completed this training you will have a clear definition of what it means to be a professional child visitation monitor.  Start a new career or enhance an existing one.

How To Monitor a Visit

Learn how to monitor a visit, child safety and be an effective monitor.  You will go away with tools that will assist you in being a neutral and caring professional supervised visitation provider and the non-professional provider

Certificate of Training Hours Completed Program

The program is designed for professional supervised visitation providers (PSVP) and non-professional provider.

The training will consist of the following:

Supervised Visitation Standards Family Code 3200.5/Section 5.20, National standards and other guidelines for all providers.
You will learn what is expected of you during the visit(s)

Do’s and Don’ts
As a supervisor/ monitor there is a list of Do’s and Don’ts. You are a neutral party who has a concern for the child(ren).  Be the best that you can be.

Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, High Conflict Cases, Substance Abuse, Child Development and other related topics.
You will become aware of these terms and how they apply to you and the child(ren) you monitor.
How to interpret the court order and schedule the visits.

We will give you hands-on examples of how to read a court order and provide you with materials for scheduling visit(s).

How to deal with the court system and the parties involved.
We will review the court process and your role in it.

What will you receive?
You will receive a Certificate of Completion of training hours at the end of the seminar. Seminars are based upon the Family Code 3200.5/Section 5.20, SVN Supervised Visitation Standards and local court services. This seminar is filled with information, materials and hands-on interaction for supervising a visit.

Why should you attend this workshop?
You’ll have knowledge of what is expected of you as a visitation supervisor. Learn your role as a child visitation monitor will be clearly defined during this seminar. Come and learn how to set-up your own Professional supervised visitation service.  Materials are provided.

Who should attend?
Social Workers, Therapists, Counselors, Police Officers, Probation Officers, School Teachers, Retirees, and persons interested in the safety/rights of children and their families.

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$250.00 Professional Provider and $300.00 Non-Professional Provider PayPal paid via PayPal at 7 days or Check at 10 days prior to the training.

SIGN UP NOW! – Prior training prerequisites required before each training course. Details provided upon completed registration.