About Los Angeles Wings of Faith, Inc.

Los Angeles Wings of Faith, Inc. (LAWOF) was established in 1994 and has served families throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.  The mission of Los Angeles Wings of Faith, Inc. is to prevent child abuse, provide homes for foster children until united with their natural or adopted parents, and provide community-based support services.

Additionally, the objective of our community-based support services is to interrupt the cycle of domestic violence, advocate for social change and provide professional trainings. LAWOF’s primary operations goals are to meet families in need of court-ordered supervised visitation and to serve families in need of community-based services and to enhance service delivery through professional training.

LAWOF’s service programs are grouped into four categories:

1. Supervised Visitation Services
2. Domestic Violence Support Services
3. Community Support Services
4. Professional Trainings

The following describes our current service programs:

Supervised Visitation Services

  • On-site supervised visitation
  • Therapeutic supervised visits
  • Family, individual, couples and group counseling

Domestic Violence Support Services

  • 24-hour emergency domestic violence on-site assessment and support
  • Information and referral line for domestic violence victims and family members
  • Counseling and support groups for victims of domestic violence, friends, and family members of the victim

Community Support Services

  • Outreach programs for special populations, such as at-risk youth, bullying, LBGTQ
  • Mental health assessment and intervention
  • Anger management
  • Parenting education
  • Life skills

Our Address for these services is:
2723 54th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90043

Telephone: Office (323) 779-0729 Cell (323) 449-1300
Email address:  info@lawingsoffaith.com
Website:  https://LAWingsofFaith.com